Trends of Metal Work Techniques and Jewelry Designs Through the Eras by Tobias Dean

Jewelry is traditionally a symbol of wealth, prestige, power, and has always been an important part of human culture. One of the most popular eras that saw great innovation in jewelry making was the Georgian era in which intricate shapes of jewelry with rare gemstones embedded in them were created. Silver was the most popular metal used for jewelry at the time and handcrafting such detailed work was a feat in itself. Antique jewelry from the Georgian era is most probable to be crafted with either Repousse or Cannetille jewelry making techniques. The former involved the use of a hammer to create complex designs out of malleable metals and the latter was inspired by embroidery work and involved the use of creating designs using wire-work.

One of the most interesting that came into being in the Victorian era was the rise in popularity of lockets that has space to feature photographs. of the buyer’s loved ones. It also had space to hold a lock of the hair of their deceased loved ones, which fetched it the name “mourning jewelry.” The Edwardian era also brought many innovations that include new diamond cutting techniques, besides many others in years to come. If you are interested in learning more about antique jewelry designs through the eras, check out this detailed infographic from RHJewellers.


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