Studio Confessions: Organized People are Just Too Lazy to Look for Things by Melody Pierson


[Editor’s note: I spent a rainy afternoon in my studio last weekend….staring at the ceiling.  While I should have been thrilled that I could actually find space on my now partially cleared and totally painted studio floor…I wasn’t.  I lay there among my stuff and mess.  Defeated.   Ready to give up.  I pondered the wisdom of tearing apart my “epicenter” my “she-cave”.  Am I ever going to finish this clean out and re-org?  My hand fell on an old issue of Metal Clay Artist… I opened it on an article by Melody Pierson.  I procrastinated cleaning a bit more by taking the time to read and savor her article. I thought some of you who are also in “mid-re-org” in your studios and that maybe a dose of humour might help! Enjoy!]

I wrote to Melody to tell her I’d like to reprint her article.  I was thrilled to hear she was working on her studio as a part of the “60 Day Studio Challenge” started on this site.  She even checked out the book I was reading. This is not the response I was expecting…but I’m also not surprised to hear this from Melody!  “So I picked up the book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. Now, here’s a lady who started organizing everything by the age of five. I don’t have to tell you that she has a process for keeping everything single thing organized in her apartment. Interesting read, learned lots of tricks… But I warn you now, DO NOT LISTEN to this book “on tape” as I did, while you are working in your less than, very less than, tidy studio. This is what I have been doing and any time now, I am going to need an prescription for Xanax. If my lack of being able to put things back, find what I just put away 10 minutes ago or double order a tool, stamp, book, gem within a period of 48 hours, gives you any inclination about how difficult it is for me to keep on top of things, now you know.  Listen, it’s a good book. She has some very helpful hints. As a matter of fact, I’d invite her over anytime and let her help me get my world into shape!”

Studio Confessions

10d329c960ca86be67e8000c05911dda“Organized People are Just Too Lazy to Look for Things” by Melody Pierson

I just went out to buy some magnetic closures for a leather necklace I have been working on. Had I put my thinking-wig on I might have brought a piece of the leather with me so I would know exactly what size to buy. Dare I say this is symptomatic of some of the time saving things I could do if I was not so darn excited about everything I want to buy or everything I want to make or do?

Why is it when my children were infants, toddlers, kids, I was able to organize everything for them? Years later, when it’s my turn to organize my toys, I just fail miserably. My tools have tools. My drawers have drawers. My tables have tables, It just doesn’t end…It’s like my studio is one LARGE Russian nesting doll, except that I have nesting dolls in every corner of the studio, which is not big. I have quaint little wooden racks of bottles and plastic-pocketed catch-all’s one uses for jewelry, which I keep anything in.

When I moved in, I was sure I would keep it organized. Alas, there was a problem right at the outset. And totally not my fault. I didn’t have one of those gun label makers. I am sure if I had one of those, my studio would be perfectly in order. Then again, I might have lost that label maker. Better yet, I could have bought several label makers for every category of findings. Yes, maybe, color-coded label makers.

Let me ask you a question. I have these wonderful see-through tool-boxes with movable sections inside. Let’s JUST SAY, my aim was true and I put eyelets and jump-rings (every size and colour), straight pins, crimp beads, metal beads, decorative beads, tweezers, files, rivets, ear-wires (different metals), wires, (gauges and types) ad infinitum and you know I am only mentioning a FRACTION of the stuff we have….How WOULD I EVEN FIND THIS ALL…stick them on the wall with the front aiming at my face?

I’m also short. Five feet. Period. Should I even organize my stuff from floor to ceiling, I would need a ladder.

Of course, I have forgotten a few key other supplies. CLAY. Metal Clay, Polymer Clay… and all the tools that go with those things. Rollers, cutters, slip, distilled water, stamps, plastic templates, already-mixed clay, bottles/containers of powdered clay or pre-made clay in packages. Do we talk about the kiln stuff? When I first heard I would need KILN FURNITURE, I thought, “OH GREAT, I have to buy a special table and possibly a chair…” Alas, they were only little building blocks to prop up the STAINLESS STEEL BOWLS or square containers or ceramic containers…and the mesh, oh the mesh, and fibre-blanket…and the carbon. The Magic Carbon, the coconut carbon…

Ah, how could I forget my precious Cameo Cutter…I have had this marvellous machine for 4 years now? I have read the articles, watch the videos. I’ve been less scared of getting a root canal than putting clay in the machine. Seriously. I have but in the ScratchFoam…works lovely. But CLAY? And even with that minimal use, I have ordered several blades and pens and an extra cutting sheet or three. (Melody, USE THE CLAY!)

I also have planned on making some cuffs in metal clay or in any kind of metal…so I looked up what I may need. And yes, there was cuff mandrel, a thing to measure cuffs, a hammer or two…(we of course know all about the RING MANDRELS and the RING SIZER of which I have many types because the newest one WORKS BETTER, right?

Then the sandpaper. The sheets, the sticks, the grits, the mandrels for the Dremmels…all the finishing supplies…MOMMY I AM SO TIRED!!!

Folks, I need a small warehouse. And yet I feel strangely comfortable surrounded by ALL OF MY STUFF. I feel that at any moment, inspiration will strike and I will have EVERYTHING I NEED to make that NEW SAUL BELL AWARD WINNING PIECE…well, ALMOST everything I need. Have YOU SEEN that new book on WIRE-WEAVING by LISA LYNN BARTH????

12011142_10153267161153090_3226181703027978603_nMelody Pierson is a Jewelry Designer at Modern Archaeology Jewelry
and she is the Canadian Distributor of Goldie Clay Canada

4 Responses to “Studio Confessions: Organized People are Just Too Lazy to Look for Things by Melody Pierson”

  1. Katie Hanrahan

    Oh yes, I can TOTALLY relate!! I AM making progress, but it’s v-e-r-y slow going… I keep telling myself I have to stop buying more stuff until I organize what I have! Yeah, right. 🙂

  2. Wow!! So funny:)) I’m relieved to know Melody is normal!!(read-a lot like me:))!! hahaha I dutifully picked up that book too and only got half way, when I began ripping out pages and lighting them in my torch…how can you organize the same sorts of things all at once when you don’t even know where they are??? does that mean you have to go through all your stuff and find the like things, a million times over??? does it mean you possibly have OCD???

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