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    • Hi Kathy, it would depend on the clay you used. If it is a Metal Adventure Clay this is the schedule I use for “BRONZclay” Be certain that your piece is absolutely dry. You can speed up the clay drying by placing your piece in a food dehydrator that is only for use for metal clay, or by waiting at least 24 hours before firing.
      Pre-fire to burn the binder off. Place your piece on a bed of 2” of activated carbon, do not cover with more carbon at this stage. Ramp the kiln 650°F/hour to 650°F and hold for 30 minutes. Allow the kiln to cool to 100°F. DO NOT OPEN A HOT KILN.
      Fire to sinter the metal clay: Cover the piece with more carbon to fill up the container. Program kiln to ramp at Full to 1525°F and hold at 1525°F for 3 hours. Allow your kiln to cool before opening. Keep in mind that the kiln will be cooler than the contents of the steel container!

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