Product Review: Leave Your Mark by Jeannette Froese LeBlanc

I find some jewellery items are hard to tag or mark with my studio name, especially necklaces. Years ago I had some very nice sterling silver tags made.  They cost a fortune so it was always a debate for me as to what necklace was worth adding a $2 sterling tag.  So most of my work has gone out the door without any branding and I still have a pile of tags on my bench.  Recently I found an alternative to my sterling tags.  Impress Art sells base metal tags that you can stamp and they now make custom stamps.

Once my custom stamp came in I was excited to learn how to make stamps.  I have very little experience with metal stamping and quickly learned not to hit them too hard!  My first tags did not have the full stamp impression so I had to hit the custom stamp squarely and then a few gentle taps on the right side of the stamp.

I had a package of 20 tags and I think it took me 15 tries to figure out how to properly hit and place the stamp…so now I’ve ordered a larger pack of tags and I’ll be busy making custom jewellery tags once my order comes in! The cost per tag is 39¢ each if I only ever make 200 tags. (This price is in Canadian dollars and includes shipping and tax on the tags and the custom stamp.  In US dollars they are 29¢ a tag for the first 200.  If you don’t include the price of the stamp, they are 7¢ each.) This is a much better price than the $2 tags I’ve been saving!

Impress Art also carries a paint like patina that I was eager to try as I find guilder’s paste to be messy. (Mine is always dried out–even when ordered new and then I have to mess around with a solvent and before I know it, I’m wearing more guilder’s paste than my jewellery.) I like the “Stamp Enamel” but found it didn’t get thicker or darker with multiple layers and I could actually wipe off a previous layer with a new application.  For a quick job like darkening a tag this is a great product to have handy as you only need to swipe the tag with the “Stamp Enamel” and the impression is dark.

With some practice I can turn out some nice jewellery tags.

Resources: Impress Art
Custom Stamp: $50
Jewellery Tags: $5
Stamp Enamel: $8

Impress Art products are available at a various retailers.  Check their site to find one near you.

Jeannette Froese LeBlanc lives in a little red school-house on the edge of a woods in rural Ontario, Canada with her husband, children and a menagerie of pets.  She holds a Master’s degree in education as well as several bachelor’s degree’s in history and arts.  When she is not teaching, Jeannette makes jewellery in her home studio.  She is inspired by nature and her life as a mother. To see more of her work follow on her Instagram: