Gallery Part Two: Beautiful Metal Clay Jewellery Donated to MCAM Auction

Looking for inspiration? Check out the beautiful jewellery from artists all over the world in our gallery. It is quite fitting to publish part two of the auction gallery this week, as my husband and I secured our mortgage just days ago. The lien on our home was erased by our readers and advertisers. (If you are not familiar with the background to the auctions, you can read about it here.)

april gallery page 1
Typing the words out on a computer just does not convey how thankful I am to our wonderful metal clay community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was my hope that by keeping a small part of MCAM alive online that our community would continue to gather, to share, inspire and grow. What started as a simple blog is changing to a true online magazine thanks to our founding sponsor PMC Connection. We have other sponsors coming forward and lots of neat ideas for metal clay artists. Stay tuned! Until then…please enjoy 14 pages of beautiful metal clay jewellery!

~Jeannette Froese LeBlanc

(Click on the image above to have the gallery pages open!)

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