Gallery of Metal Clay Designs

Hawaii, USA
Bronze and copper metal clay, steel wire

Pirate Pendant
Silver metal clay, fine silver wire, sterling, resin, CZs and liver of sulpher







Cruz Bay, USVI Whatever happens to the beasts, happens to man
Silver, 24k gold, bronze, brass, ruby I used PMC 960 for this hollow-constructed mechanical pendant, with small keum-boo detail
on the angel’s wings and inlay techniques for the words. The ruby is set using traditional fabrication








Palm Springs, California, USA
The Watchtower

Copper, champagne bronze, dark champagne bronze and low shrinkage steel clays. Including the base it measures 3-1⁄4” tall by 2-1⁄4” by 2-1⁄2”. Excluding the base, it measures 2-5⁄8” tall by 1-3⁄4” x 1-3/4”.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
A Bit of Sun Shine
Sunstone cabochon, sterling silver wire, fine silver metal clay, fine silver, scalloped bezel wire.

A hand woven bracelet with a bezel set stone as a focal. I combined wire work with fine silver metal clay and a bezel set sunstone cab. No soldering, just wire weaving by hand and metal clay fired in a kiln.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Day Lily
Fine silver clay, enamel.

Firing red enamels on silver is a challenge I dance with on a regular basis. There are
many solutions to the problem, and I doubt I will ever run out of new things to try. This particular champlevé piece was made using Aoki 105A red enamel, which fires beautifully on silver. Unfortunately, Aoki went out of business many years ago and this color is
no longer available. Those of us with small stashes tucked away guard it jealously.













Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Tree of Life English Pendant Ocarina
Copper, white copper, pink sapphire

My husband has unfortunately broken all of his ceramic ocarinas, so I was inspired to make him a solid metal clay ocarina that he couldn’t break! I’ve made quite a few more since then so that other people can enjoy them too.

Maryland, PA,USA
Summer Garden
Silver clay, labradorite and CZ.

Hand sculpted flowers and leaves I’d had for some
time without any definite plans. This design came very spontaneously and everything fell into place in a Wanaree Tanner workshop.




Delaplane, VA, USA
Good Luck Pendant
Fine silver clay, tanzanite, freshwater pearls, sterling silver chain.

Growing up on a ranch, the horseshoe shape has always symbolized Good Luck so I was inspired to create a stylized lucky piece. After cutting out the overall shape, I drew the design on the dried clay and painted over the design with multiple layers of thinned paste. The back has two pearls attached so that the piece stands out from the neck to allow the pearls to swing freely.

Massachusetts, USA
Sage Leaves with Peridot Ring
Sterling silver clay, peridot

Using molds I make from sage leaves growing in my herb garden, I hand make each leaf in PMC Sterling clay, overlapping them to gracefully wrap around the finger and
showcase a lovely rose cut peridot.

Florida, USA
Aztec Bunny
Silver clay, copper, brass,

I textured PMC and then added a background insert of oxidized copper and cold connected everything with copper and brass rivets.

California, USA
Sea Creature Bracelet

Fine silver clay, genuine sea glass Six pieces of the ocean to wear on your wrist. Made from molds of real seashells and templates and genuine, hand collected, unaltered sea glass.

Virginia, USA
Summer Arrival Fine silver clay, citrine, sterling silver chain. With the beginning of summer I always come back to the theme of gardening and flowers.

With the beginning of summer I always come back to the theme of gardening and flowers.I sketched out several ideas for this piece and researched  turn-of-the-century  jewelry design. I wanted to update the look that I had seen in old photos of my family. Using traditional hand building clay techniques, I fashioned the flowers, vines and other parts of the piece from the metal clay. I used 4 mm citrine for the accent stones.

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