Gallery of Bronze and Copper Metal Clay Part 1

Metal clay artists all over the world are creating beautiful pieces with Bronze and Copper metal clays!  We have so many images to share we’ve broken the gallery into two parts.

Lorena Angulo

Jeri Kiel, West Olive, Michigan U.S.A.

“Her Laurels”
Bronze wisteria bonsai tree
Height  8”
Width  4”

Cubic zirconia
Recycled glass
Led lights

Clément Marquaire, Brussels, Belgium

“Supernova” Cuff Bracelet made of Ultrafine Golden Bronze by Météor Clay
Patina : platinol

“Alfred and his Hug Machine”
Automaton made of Ultrafine Copper Clay by Météor Clay
Brass tubes and copper tubes were also used.

KimLandolt, San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Bronze metal clay, by
Metal Adventures.







Ruth Levine, U.S.A.

Bronze & Copper with patina Leather Cord.
Bronze, Copper & Steel with patina and Leather Cord.
Steel & Copper and Copper Chain Hadar’s Copper, Bronze and Steel clays.

Colleen White, Bradenton, FL U.S.A

“Three bronze curly fish”, carved with inset cubic zirconia eyes, about 3″ across.

“Medieval Ring”
BRONZclay, rubies, opal, pearls

David White, Bradenton, FL U.S.A

A bronze szubo, or hand guard for a katanas. (Japanese samuari sword)




















Martha Schmidt, Germany

“Hero’s Journey”,  locket: Copper and Bronze
Brands of clay: Aussie Metal Clay