Etched Bronze Clay Ring with UV Resin Cabochon by Sabine Alienor Singery

Screenshot (90)Take a workshop in France…without leaving your house!  Sabine Alienor Singery has made a video class for Creative Fire readers!  In this workshop she will demonstrate making the bronze clay ring, preparing clay to be used in a Silhouette cutter, using the Silhouette cutter to etch the flexible dry clay, assembly and firing of the ring, and lastly using UV resin to create a unique Cabochon. While this is a complex project…metal clay artists of all levels will enjoy her class. 

Project by: Sabine Alienor Singery
Edited by: Jeannette Froese LeBlanc and Margaret Schindel.

Skill Level:
Beginner: Those new to metal clay will benefit from watching a master artist work with metal clay.  Sabine shows how to roll out clay, cut, shape, file, sand and make metal clay paste. Intermediate artists will enjoy learning how to make a bronze clay ring with a flexible band. Experienced artists who are ready to use a Silhouette will delight in her simple approach! Sabine made her ring with bronze clay, but this project could be made with nearly all kinds of metal clay.

Silhouette File   (Before you begin this project, download the SilhouetteRing.Studio3 file)
PDF Guide English:Silhouette Ring workshop by Sabine Alienor Singery
Basic Set up for Metal Clay: Basic Metal Clay Set up –Page 1  Basic Metal Clay Set Up.pdf_page 2
Material List for this project: Silhouette-Ring-En-1

English Version of the Workshop:


photo.phpAbout the Artist:
Sabine Alienor Singery is a senior Art Clay Instructor since 2007. She teaches metal clays in her studio in Mougins (French Riviera) and online at L’Ecole des Arts Créatifs (

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