Digging In and Looking for Storage Ideas (My Out of Shape Studio Part 3)

creativity is messy printableSo today is the day! I’m going to get into my studio and start clearing and organizing. Tent set up outside to house large items so I can create space. I’ve been standing for a while in the doorway feeling a bit bewildered and wondering what I need to do differently this time so that my studio can “keep the weight off”.

What have I been doing wrong? How could I organize things more efficiently? Perhaps workstations would be better for me. I had that sort of set up when I had a pottery studio. Certain tasks are performed in certain areas, with all tools and materials relate to the workstation. I had started this sort of set up when I moved my larger studio in here…but that plan was literally thrown off track when the mountain of magazine back issues grew! Once it got to the point where I could not pass and could not I get to items/tables behind the mountain things got messy. That is my theory #1. My husband’s theory is to just put things back when I’m finished…. But where to put things? I have tried many different ways to store tools…but one swift pivot in my chair and I’ll knock the pliers off the rack, or beads off a hook…

James Rosenquist painting in his studio, 1967
James Rosenquist painting in his studio, 1967
Alexander Calder, sculptor.
Alexander Calder, sculptor.

I started to surf the net looking for images of studio that were well organized and for ideas for storing my items and for creating a working space that works for me. I became site tracked when I started to find images of famous artists’ studios.  I started to find solace in the fact that maybe my studio was not “that” messy. But after looking at the images I realized it is not the “mess” that I’m having a hard time with…these artists were clearly able to work in mess. My studio seems to suck my creativity. It is a heavy mess. And the only way to deal with it, is to deal with it!

Screenshot (100)3
Video Tour of Linda Kaye-Moses’ Studio! (Go directly to the video by clicking the image.)

digging into my messy studioWhile I start to dig into my studio…I’ll leave you with a video tour of Linda Kaye-Moses’ studio.  She even shows a few tricks on how she creates her texture plates! (Go directly to her video by clicking the screen shot image.)

As always, I enjoy your feedback.  I am thrilled that there are other artists “digging in” and cleaning up their studios along with me!  Wow!  Maybe we can call this movement “The 60 day Studio Challenge”?  (I need at least 60 days!)

Below are images of storage ideas I am thinking about.  On the CreativeFire Pinterest page: “Goodies For Your Studio” you can find even more ideas.  If you’d like to be a contributor to any of our boards, just let us know and we can add you.
And if you’d like to wander off and look at more images of famous artists in their studios: http://www.boredpanda.com/famous-artists-and-their-muses-in-their-studios/

Comments can be left below or if you have images of your studio to share: cre8tivefire@gmail.com

Storage Ideas I like:

This cart idea is from: http://www.plansnow.com/dn1170c.html I like the idea, but I would need to have huge wheels so that it would move on my uneven studio floor.


Oh wow…now could I translate this idea to jewellery tools? Source: http://www.popularwoodworking.com/projects/shop-projects/tool-racks-then-now
So I’m starting to think that jewellery artists need to know a handy woodworker! I need about 6 of these please! Source: http://www.woodworkingonline.com/2008/01/24/pull-out-storage-case/
Oooh!  Cubbies…this could work for me as long as I could reach them! Studio :: Keli McKinley Hansen Source: http://agallopinghorse.blogspot.ca/2012/07/where-bloggers-create-studio-tour-i.html
Hmmm…I like her box labelled “This and That” and worry all of mine would be called that. Maybe create a similar storage system with clear bins? But I do like the clean look of the wooden boxes. Source: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2014/06/exclusive-peak-happy-handmade-home.html


33 Responses to “Digging In and Looking for Storage Ideas (My Out of Shape Studio Part 3)”

  1. Linda Tindall

    I’m in. Been a procrastinator for so long, on top of that moved cross country to get married and now having to share my husband’s office. He did give me the nice walk-in closet tho. It’s a small one…but its mine

  2. Fortuitous timing! We’re moving across the country next week. I have pictures of my old space before I packed and am determined to be logical about my new set up…right brain and left brain together can rule the world! Or hopefully one artist’s studio.

  3. I’m so in. I have stations… but it’s not a perfect science. Do I put polishing with assembling or with metal clay? I have an antique table for metal clay creation and chalk paint. Just have to strip it and paint it. I also recently bought a printers cabinet for all of my beads and components. I only have two drawers filled. Need to get on moving the rest… I need more than 60 days. Sigh.

  4. my space is so small…I have 4 ikea 6 drawer rolling cabinets that they call Alec (I think) but they don’t hold everything…and a cool but small stainless steel work station screwed to the wall in front of the window…oh, and did I mention this is all on 2 walls of a small bedroom?! The shallow drawers are awesome tho, only one layer deep in many cases, so stuff is easy to find.

  5. I’m in! Moved into a brand new studio space 3 months ago and NEED to get it organized… I’m pretty good at organizing as I use … Have established stations but everything is still in boxes and still trying to get the right surfaces and under storage arranged…yeah! I’m excited!!

  6. Amy Culp

    Count me in! I was looking for a brooch/pendant converter a couple of weeks ago. I knew I had one but looking through all the little drawers where it should’ve been – could I find it? Nope. As I was looking I became so frustrated. This is exactly what I need – I have found my people!

  7. I’m in! Actually started on this 2 days ago. Realized that (gasp) I have too much stuff! Something must go! Like with like and different work stations is what works for me so that is the direction I am headed in.

    • Hi Maria– yes me too! The thing I realized about his studio is that while it was a mess he was still working, creating and inspired in there. My studio is just a dump. Baby steps for sure!! I didn’t get far on my first day in, but my approach this time is different. I’m starting by sorting “Like with Like” so that I can see what I have…rather than trying to “tidy”.

  8. Kathy Clausen

    I didn’t use the space under my kitchen island made for sitting on stools while you eat, so had it enclosed and cabinet doors put on it. So exciting! Finally enough room for my PMC and soldering materials instead of sitting in bins and boxes sitting under the counter. I went to the container store and bought all kinds of boxes, drawers, dividers, shelving to put on shelving. I spent a long time organizing only to discover that I have more than will fit. Still I have a beginning and occasionally can even see my kitchen tabletop!

    • Ah yes, that would suit the size of the items we have for jewellery making! Great idea Donna! I just don’t know what I even need. In the past I’d start with buying the containers hoping to sort things out as I cleaned. From what I’m reading in Marie Kondo’s book–I need to first sort like with like and then assess what to keep and THEN find a container.

  9. What fantastic ideas, and so good to know how others are messy and how they cope. I think I’ll head out to get some pvc pipe today…I’ll start on the studio as soon as I get back. I am inspired!

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