Did Marie Get To You? By Jeannette Froese LeBlanc

I posted a display cabinet for sale online and a local, non-artist friend called me right away. “Did Marie get to you?” she asked. “Marie…who?”

Well it seems that the Japanese Queen of clutter control has a new t.v. series (T.V. trailer here.) and it’s all the rage right now with those needing a push to clean up and clean out. I have tried many times over the years to clean up and clean out my studio. And you know what happened? I missed things. I couldn’t find things and I gave away good things I needed later. I watched some of the show just to see what my friend was raving about. I felt like the man in this photo.

My studio is a mess again and I have determined that I need more space. I know this goes against the clean up queen’s theory. I also *know* there are ceramic artists working in bathrooms and able to produce production line work in a tiny space and that I have a whole one car garage. I know that. But for me I can’t keep all that I do which is metal clay, polymer clay and sewing in one space AND all my show display things AND all the materials tools and equipment I need and might need. I just can’t purge to the level I need to in order to reclaim my workspace. So I have a solution that even my clutter busting friend is supporting. I will sell off enough good stuff to BUY a shed.

My jewellery. I work in silver, copper, aluminum, rubber, polymer, leather…that’s a lot of “inspirational stuff” to keep on hand!

I am parting with some good stuff, such as my printers cabinet–which stores my beads so beautifully I don’t use them. I’m selling a retail display cabinet…that I thought I’d use once I closed my brick and mortar store. It cost and arm and a leg and I was sure I’d open my studio to the public and need it. I know there are holes in my theory. But before I clear out and purge in this new style, I’d like to see a follow up with people who were on the t.v. show. Talk to people 6 months or a year later and see how they feel about the purge. I know I will discover things that later I will miss.

Every few years I jump on the bandwagon for how to organize your space or in my case my studio. Something you may not know about me is I have a terrible sense of direction and over the years I’ve learned to go in the opposite way that I think is right. Case in point: When I was in the army taking a jump course with the airborne we all were given a piece of a map and dropped from a plane. We had to make it back to the base in 4 days or we’d fail the course. I figure this was a set up just for me as it was already known then that I had a terrible sense of direction. The airborne guys didn’t like having a girl on the course, so this could be a plan for me to fail. Well I landed. I walked around for two days. Then I came across a logging road. I “felt” the base was one way. So…I went the opposite. I made it back to base! Think my studio space issues are a chance for me to get back to going the opposite way. I know it makes perfect sense to clean up and clear out. But this time. I’m going to go the opposite way.

My sweet little studio. I wonder if I could access the attic space??? Hmmm.

My apologies if you were looking for tips on how to clean. Or why to clean. I will clear out. I’m going to part with some big items and then build shelves in my new shed to store all the stuff I’m keeping. I’m already feeling a “spark of joy” with this idea.

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Jeannette Froese LeBlanc is easily distracted by things she finds while cleaning her studio. She lives in a little red school-house on the edge of a woods in rural Ontario, Canada with her husband, children and a menagerie of pets. She holds a Master’s degree in education as well as several bachelor’s degree’s in history and arts. When she is not teaching, Jeannette makes jewellery in her home studio. She is inspired by nature and her life as a mother. To see more of her work follow on her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sassyandstella/