Contest: Studio Mascot
From the studio of Colleen White: “My studio mascot, Ripper, getting ready to help out at the bench.”


The “60 Day Studio Challenge” is catching on! Artists all over the world are digging in and reclaiming their studios. My studio was sucking my creative energy. I didn’t really like being in there.  Having my pet cat in my studio always makes my studio feel happier. Many artists have a pet in their studio. The Studio Mascot contest is on now! Send in your images to or tag then on twitter and facebook with #60daystudio and be entered to win a prize from our contest sponsor
Read on to see some of the images already entered.

From the Cre8tiveFire Studio…. sitting on the only clear spot is my cat India. She lay right on the beaded necklaces I was sorting…for fun I put the earrings on her. I had enough time to find my camera and take her photo. My laughing may have scared her and that’s why she has that look on her face!

When I shared the shameful state of my studio…I was surprised by the response. I’m not the only one! Yay. And by sharing photos, artists started to talk and motivate each other  Ann Robinson Davis wrote an article for Metal Clay Artist Magazine that I reprinted in “My Out of Shape Studio- Part 1” (Look for it under the “Studio Life” heading on this site.) In her article Ann tells us that it is okay to admit failure. Not every project works out, not every thing you bring into your studio be it supplies, ideas or stuff…needs to stay and that by letting these things go, we set ourselves up to heal our “artselves”. Artists tend to keep supplies and materials for “someday”. We also make things that tie into certain feelings or a time in our life. So cleaning out a studio can be a very emotional experience.

Polymer Clay and Metal Clay Artist Lisa Pavelka and her studio mascot Dexter. “He loves to come and check out what I’m making!”
From the studio of Rosa Elena Rivera, “Wilson “helps” with my jewelry… If he is not allowed on my lap he doesn’t let me work…”

I started to read a book by Marie Kondo about tidying up. She claims that if you sort like with like, rather than by room and if you look at each and every item you can pare down to what you actually need. She is famous for the question, “Does the item spark joy?” If it doesn’t make you happy, why are you keeping it? Nothing is to be organized or put into bins until all items are sorted. This is good advice for me as I have a tendency to put things in bins to store or keep. I am going through my bins. What does not belong and we no longer need is out. I took a trailer full of good usable items to my favourite charity thrift store. The sales in the thrift store make money for their food bank. Talk about win-win! I am getting space in my studio, and my “stuff” will be turned into FOOD for those in need!

From the studio of Tracy Menz, “My Maltese Cece in her comfy studio. Obviously, I rent space from her!”

60 days is a random number of days I chose to get my studio into shape. I think I have totally underestimated how long this project will take…but that’s ok. I’m in it for the long haul for the first time ever. I posted the challenge last week and many jumped on board! There are also artists just starting their 60 days this week and some will start next month. It is a lot of work, but I look forward to having my studio back. To make the challenge fun I’ve asked participants to take photos along the way. Many people are finding that showing their “before” photos to be a great motivator. Nothing like seeing your out of shape studio up on the internet to get you motivated to clean! And to make the challenge more fun we’re going to have a few contests along the way. “Studio Mascot”, “Strangest Item Found”, “Most UFO’s”, “Best Storage Solution”, “Most Weight Lost”.

From the studio of LaLa Ortiz, “Santa needs to get up in the storage lofts and stop peeping over my shoulder!”

The first contest is “Studio Mascot”. Studio Mascots can be living or non-living! Mark your shared photos with the hash-tag: #60daystudio so that I can find them online. Or send your images to I’ll collect the photos together.

The sponsor for this contest is This is a family owned an operated business in Las Vegas. In addition to metal clay supplies they also invent helpful tools for making hollow beads, hinges…and more! Thank you David and Liad Nemeth.

The hungry dragons from the studio of Roxanne Sheldon Coffelt.

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