Contest: Strangest Item

weird2It’s time for our next contest to start! What is the weirdest thing you have found in your studio? I have a diving wet suit.  Yes, I know–that makes total sense to have in an art studio.  What does not make sense are these typewriter ribbons or the David Foster and Yanni C.D.’s.  Who put those in here? Have you been finding funny and strange things hidden away in your studio? Well dig them out–they could win you a prize from Rio Grande! says “artsy” quite like some troll dolls hanging around for inspiration!  This bench is part of Rio’s Tech lab.

To enter photos of your “Strangest Item” click here.  I can’t wait to see who wins the $100 gift certificate from Rio Grande!


4 Responses to “Contest: Strangest Item”

  1. The strangest thing I normally find in my studio is me, especially before coffee, or, after midnight. So, when I came in one morning and found the contents of my bench had been rearranged, I figured I had been too exhausted to put everything back where they are normally positioned. Rare, but it’s happened. A few days passed without incident, and then one day, I discovered that most of my lightweight bench caddies, canisters, and toys had been pushed into one corner. Annoyed, I put everything back when it had been. This battle went on for roughly two weeks, until one day I pulled the little fortress apart and discovered a nest of newborn ground squirrels was within. I was still able to access my burs and other items I needed, so I put the fortress back together and let it stay intact until the babies were weaned. I enclosed a picture of my little studio assistants.

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