Collaborate, Connect, Communicate: Three Goals of the Impact Artist Project

2nd Place winner in the Metal Clay Category of the Saul Bell Design Award 2015 is Holly’s necklace, “Je’taime, – Dual Flame.”.

Holly Ginsberg Gage has had a busy year. She won Second Place in Metal Clay at the 2015 Saul Bell Design Awards and now she is heading up IMPACT Artist Project: International Metal Clay Project Advancing Creativity and Talent. Holly has set up a 25K fundraiser on Kickstater to fund the project. We caught up with her during her fundraiser to hear more details.

Holly tells us that if 25K is raised that it will be just enough to launch the project, “25K is the bare minimum to get us out the door with our most basic goals, which is growing the resources on our website, and maintaining the forum, IMPACT Activity programs and Rewards, and free webinars.” If 50k is raised with Kickstarter, Holly will give away a free book to everyone that has donated.   “The Journey of Self Discovery Through Metal Clay, This book is yet to be published, and will be given away as an e-book.”

If more money is raised the following are the future goals.b6b19c81a1f9694a99a956fc744413eb_original

Impact Artist Program is huge undertaking with only three paid staff members. “We do have a core staff coordinating different factions of the project. I (Holly) will be program director and overseeing the growth and outreach committees. Christopher Gage, will be writing grants, and running the daily business of a non-profit, and Jan Waals will handle all tech, website, and promo.”  Adding several international volunteer committees will round out the team.

The IMPACT Artist Project offers a reward system to those who have paid the $50 annual membership fee.  Members can accumulate points for activities that can then be exchanged for tools and products.  Holly stated that, “The activities promote two things. Personal growth which is a priority, and community growth. Each activity has a points value. In essence you can think of points as gift certificate dollars to spend with one of our sponsors. You can do small activities, or you can do larger activities and earn your points more quickly. Every activity earns points and every activity helps you aspire to a new plateau. ”

We asked her where the idea came about for the project.

“Actually, the idea was the culmination of several aspects. Surveying folks, my experience as a mentor, and talking to people who have run metal clay and craft guilds.

I believe that I have an awesome ability to help people connect to one another. I’ve done it in small ways my whole life, and in business, and with my mentoring. I see this as an extension of that.”

To find out more about the Impact Artist Project- http://www.impactartistproject.org31f6caa5ad4b919fc3106603c8e9b713_original



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