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At some point, every jewellery artist wonders where they should sell their work. Several of my artist friends sell their work in big shows, with big travel and booth costs. But their work is at that level. Collectors all over the world love and buy their jewellery. I’m not at that level! I dream of that level.

Right now, I’m thinking that I’m making a big step to put my work online! After years of promoting the work of other artists through Metal Clay Artist Magazine…I somehow stopped making my own jewellery. Editing and publishing an independent magazine that was available on newsstands world wide was a big job. We had a great team and did an excellent job. But I put my “all” into the magazine, all the time. My studio gathered dust, then it gathered junk. I reclaimed it this past summer. I started to make some jewellery!


While cleaning my studio I found many of the drawings my kids gifted me…and they inspired me. I have been working on ways to incorporate my children’s drawings into my jewellery. I’d like to tell my metal clay friends that I went right back into metal clay and stayed there. But funds are low, my metal clay stash is low and the Canadian dollar is very low…. So after trying my hand at photo polymer plates I looked to etching metal. I took a class at the Bead & Button Show two years ago with Richard Salley. I dug out my notes and I’m trying different ways to etch. It is fun to experiment. And I think I have a line of jewellery ready to put out to the world….

sell onlineBut where and how? There are so many options. Etsy, Indiemade, Big Cartel, Art Fire and even Amazon! Where to start? What are the differences between these online companies? Where are artists really selling their work? When Amazon came out, people seemed pretty excited about it. Then there was a lot of buzz about their contract and that your images become their images once posted on their site. Eeek! I’d like to have a conversation with someone on Amazon and see what has happened over the last 6 months or so. The options to sell online seem as varied as their fees. Which one would work best for me is my question.

These are some of the articles I’m reading while I decide where to post my work. I’d love to hear from established online artists and those in the same boat as me!



Big Cartel:



540704_577388125607677_846842341_nJeannette Froese LeBlanc is the editor at and a jewellery artist. She is definitely “A glass 1/2 full kind of person”! She has learned to enjoy the journey and not solely focus on the destination, which is something her kids taught her.  Look down, look around, enjoy where you are.


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  1. Hey Jeannette – You might enjoy checking out . They’re a jewelry specific coaching team and have a lot of free info on their site. There’s certainly no one perfect place to sell your work, but on a budget, Etsy always seems like a good place to start. I know there are a lot of naysayers against Etsy, but I think it would be a great place for you to start. You’ve already built an excellent audience and have a head start on most makers. Most of the other sites you listed require a lot more time, design and set-up and investment. So, I vote Etsy.

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